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Okay my story...I've been suffering for about ten years and I knew I suffered with depression and anxiety but it was actually a year ago yesterday my life hit rock bottom and I tried to end my life. I was so down in the dumps, ditching/bailing on friends/family, not going to work, skipping school, wouldn't leave the house or bed for days, at that point I knew I needed to seek professional help or it was only going to get worse! I started seeing a psychiatrist and found out that it was more then what I thought and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which explained so much more with the feelings , behaviors and emotions I would feel within in a short period of time & at the same time I suffered with eating disorder issues which people would judge me, look at me differently, Talk crap about me because of my mental health issues which lead to me hiding it for years but after attending therapy, treatment, doctors trying me out on over 10 different medications over the years to find something that works and learning about how to cope, dealing with life stressors I'm at a way better place now then I was a year ago and I'm so very thankful! Don't get me wrong Yes I still struggle every day but I am proud at how far I have come and took the time to get the help I needed. Therefore that Is why I want to share my story and help others get the help they may need instead of suffering behind close doors and that is exactly why I started my company to share my story, spread awareness, end the stigma to help others! No matter what, people will judge you but that's there problem and shows you just how much of a shitty person they're! Stand up for mental health!

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  • Jalin

    You are beautiful in every way. Congrats Britt. I’m so glad you got yourself on track. I am always here if you need me !! Xoxo

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