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Path to Mental Well Being

Staying mentally healthy is like staying physically fit— it requires effort. But the rewards are worth it! Everyone has to face stresses and demands, but we all need and deserve breaks. Daily physical exercise, for instance, not only makes you stronger and more fit, but it also improves your mood and your sense of well-being.

Taking charge of your mental well-being


  • If you have a mental health concern, speak with your doctor
  • If you need direction in your work life, speak to a career counsellor or human resources expert and make a career plan
  • To repair relationships with loved ones and friends, talk to an expert and work through any issues
  • For financial challenges, contact a financial planner or debt advisor


  • Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing problems with your mental health
  • Contact your local CMHA branch at cmha.ca
  • Check with your employer: many Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) and benefit plans will provide access to counselling services
  • Reach out to people you trust: personal connections are some of the most powerful healing tools for combatting depression
  • Live well: a healthy lifestyle can boost your mood


While family and friends are important supports, here are other sources of information and inspiration that can help:

  • Websites of reputable mental health organizations such as CMHA (cmha.ca), the Mental Health Commission of Canada (mentalhealthcommission.ca) and the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (camimh.ca)
  • Books about specific mental health problems
  • Audio and video resources
  • Courses and workshops offered through community centres, schools and universities
  • Seek out people you admire for their ability to find balance

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