Responsible Pet Care is a Lifetime Commitment

A pet should be forever; a lifetime commitment to love, honor and protect a dog or cat with the best pet care possible.  I personally have moved six times in the last four years and have never had the thought of giving up my dog Zoey for adoption, she has come with me every step of the way and that’s how it will be forever! I chose to get her and I am her forever momma no matter what life brings us! A pet would never consider giving us away for any reason, and they give us a lifetime of unconditional love with no questions asked.

Pets aren’t something to be discarded because they don’t match the living room curtains or because they don’t do what you say. If you don’t take the time to train them, how are they supposed to know what you expect from them? Pets are pretty good at reading our body language and understanding our moods, but they can’t read our minds –well, I don’t think they can, but sometimes I wonder. Pets are not something you get to impress the neighbors or family members and you don’t get rid of them just because they have an accident on the living room rug or develop a behavioral problem.

Deciding to bring a pet into your life is a commitment that should never be done lightly, and if you do decide to offer a pet a home, it’s should be for the pet’s lifetime. Responsible pet ownership means promising to take care of the pet through sickness and health – in good times and bad – for the life of the pet.

Shelters receive about half of the 5 to 7 million companion animals in their shelters from pets relinquished by their owners, with the other half being animals picked up by animal control or brought in by Good Samaritans & I am proud to support Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter as they are NO KILL SHELTER, but unlike most shelters 60-70% of the cats & dogs end up getting euthanized.

Therefore before you decide to get a pet, be sure you’re capable of giving it a forever life

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