Some days you just feel so alone and no one understands you, they don't understand how you feel when you have an anxiety attack or panic attack or when you're so down on yourself you can't even get out of bed and no it's not because Were a weak minded person it's because we have a chemical imbalance and yes Some of us have to take a pill every day to help stabilize our moods because of borderline personality disorder/bipolar. Where one second you could be the happiest go lucky person on earth to feeling like your the worst hopeless loser, no one loves you, gross, ugly, mad at the world person on earth. It's not fun living every day battle with yourself. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you it'll be OK instead of speaking to you like you're some useless piece of shit. The worst is when they think it's so easy to get better and it's so easy to help yourself, you don't need pills, why don't you just snap out of it, try to get out of the house, why don't you go for a walk, why don't you find a hobby, why don't you try to better yourself,  why don't you stop the binge and purging, why don't you stop eating, why don't you eat more, why did you try killing yourself, why did you take all your pills to try and commit suicide, why why why, it's a constant battle and yes we have to work every day to better our self to try and get better but when we have no support around us or it cost thousands of dollars to get help it makes it a lot harder! It's not easy. Cheers to everyone battling everyday with a mental illness!

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